Five TED’s to put on your watchlist!


Most people know about TED talks. In recent years, the TED-concept has grown to cover almost every aspect of modern science and technology, and attracts leading industry personas as speakers. In this blog, we present five TED-talks we find relevant to our concept, ranging from talks on statistics to open data to water.


1. Rose George – “Let’s talk crap. Seriously.”

A look at the ISO 37120 "Smart City" Standard

The Smart Cities Council ( have spent the last couple of months looking into the new ISO 37120 standard which presents cities with a number of performance indicators in regards to every thinkable service and infrastructure in the city. ISO 37120 contains no less than 17 different overreaching themes ranging from economy to recreation to water & sanitation.

Understanding water related challenges

In his book “Living With Water Scarcity” water economist Dr. David Zetland addresses the current state of the worlds water related challenges. In an attempt to address both current and future problems related to water accessibility and use, Dr. Zetland illustrates how these challenges are have come into being, and further proposes how we might get rid of them in order to create sustainable solutions for the future. In this blogpost, we introduce the basics of the concepts "shortage" and "scarcity" as presented by Dr. David Zetland.