Frequently Asked Questions

With Gatesense we want to create a platform where an ecosystem of stakeholders focussing on water related challenges can emerge and thrive. Our goal is to provide individuals, established companies or even cities with a platform where the tools and data needed to solve the worlds water related challenges are present. In doing so, we want to collaborate with the community in shaping the platform, continuously expanding the ecosystem, our toolbox and our data-catalogue.

Our community is the glue that binds the Gatesense platform together, keeps it agile and independent, and makes sure that the platform is constantly relevant.
We want our community to decide where the development of our platform is heading. This way, we make sure that our platform is always relevant to our users. By having the right tools present, we hope to enable everyone to create new insights to develop new services and products that can help solve society’s water related challenges.


Gatesense is for everyone interested. This includes individuals, established companies, cities, start-ups, entrepreneurs and developers. With diversity comes opportunities for collaboration not previously established and brought to life. By having different stakeholders, we will be able to transform and expand rapidly and in new directions together. In addition, we want everyone to be able to voice their opinions on where our platform and community should be going. This means that we welcome citizens as well as experts and politicians.

We are adventurous and explorative, which means that Gatesense is no “one-size-fit-all”-solution. Our main ambition is to enable anybody to be part of solving water related problems. Perhaps you have some technical skills that enable you to create great products, but you miss the right idea. Perhaps you have an amazing idea, but have no technical skills that enable you to take your idea from blueprint to solution. Perhaps you own environmental data, but have no idea how to analyse and create insights from the data, as well as the technical skills to produce an actual product or service.

At Gatesense, we want to connect the innovator with the developer, the companies with the users, and hereby foster an ecosystem wherein solutions to our environmental problems can be addressed and solved.

That doesn’t matter. You might know how to write compelling stories, do statistical analysis or make others feel welcome.

Solving our environmental problems relies on more than just technology and funds. By showing that you care, you are actively helping our cause. We live in a time where everyone can contribute with their opinions and their knowledge in a matter of seconds. Perhaps your input is what sparks the imagination of the person next door, or helps a project team direct their efforts in a way that benefits the community.

So don’t hide, but come take part in the discussion. This way we hope our community will be able to support each other in providing ideas and skills for the sustainable solutions of tomorrow. 

We hope to be an answer to a number of problems.

If an individual has a great idea for an application or device that could help others in solving water related issues, we want to be able to provide the network and means of doing so. Until this point in time, the prices on access to premium web services and tolls along with the access to expert knowledge has typically caused entrepreneurs to get stuck in the development phase. At Gatesense, we want to lower the cost and effort needed to get access to the insights and tools that can help drive this very development.

On the other hand, data owners and companies might be interested in finding new ways of monetizing their assets such as data and knowledge. By being diverse, we want to make Gatesense a place that can leverage and create possibilities for all parties. We work hard on providing value to everyone involved in the Gatesense sphere.

Data is the backbone of Gatesense. Therefore, we want to make it easy to connect data sources and feed data into the platform. This infrastructure will be defined and altered by the community. Furthermore, the community will maintain and enrich data by keeping it up to date and continuously connecting more data sources to the platform. When enabling people to redefine Gatesense, we also believe that everyone should be able to work under the hood. This means that it is possible to extend and alter the existing technical core – CKAN and Apache Camel are developed for adding new functionality and features. Furthermore, Gatesense wants to empower people to use or develop their own middleware and persisting platform to optimise the data stream from their own data sources.

At the other end of the pipeline we have established a toolbox that is to be extended by the community. Our toolbox enables users to actually create applications on top of the platform. The toolbox will evolve as people put up code snippets, inspirational showcases, tutorials, references to valuable external software etc. The toolbox will be the entry point for exploring, using and broadening the scope of Gatesense when creating innovative insights.