Welcome to Gatesense v.2.0!

Finally our new website is up and running. Based on our activities the first year of our existence, we have chosen to revamp our website and overall concept a bit (and will continue to do so in order to support our community!). In this post, we present our concept and state-of-mind to all returning and new visitors. Our community is always open to people who want to hack, create hackathons, collaborate on new ventures, find new partners, get/give help or simply get inspired.


What is Gatesense?

The goal of Gatesense was (and still is) to create an ecosystem containing both creative and passionate people, the best suited technology on the market in order to solve the worlds water related problems in. In the world of IoT, it gets increasingly easier to obtain hardware and collect data. Finding sustainable solutions using these devices and technologies is at the heart of our community. Since we began our adventure, we have found several fantastic partners who are all helping us develop our platform and community. Ultimately we want to foster an open innovation environment wherein people from all walks of life can connect and collaborate on projects that matter to them.

Who are we?

We are not a project team isolated from the rest of the world, but a group of facilitators who wish to create an environment wherein our community can collaboratively solve the worlds water related problems. Our team consists of a mixture of people with different academic and professional backgrounds, tied together by our curiosity and passion for creating new stuff and solving the worlds water related issues. We are constantly looking for more people to join our movement and community, and no matter what your talents are, we think that you can help in solving water related issues.

Solving the worlds water related challenges require both analytical skills, empathy, technical skills, curiosity and leadership. Most of us have at least one of these skills, which enables us to parttake in solving the worlds water related problems. If you want to blog for Gatesense, hack for Gatesense, or anything else that can bring us closer to solving problems, let us know!

Where are we going?

Addressing environmental problems is never a straightforward task. Pollution and misuse of natural resources have several different origins and causes, which makes it impossible to have a one-size-fit-all solution. Through our platform, we hope that people will share their insights on problems relevant to them, discuss various solution models and launch projects that can help eliminate some of the factors that are contributing to the deterioration our environment and water.

People in the western world often think that water isn’t a huge problem because it is right there when we need it. When you hear the phrase “water related challenges”, you are likely to think of third world countries where water is scarcer than ever. However, the western world also has its own problems. Our consumption and use of energy in everyday life is affecting the quality of the world’s water repositories. We cannot afford to be naïve when it comes to our water repositories, which is why we at Gatesense want to find solutions that can help relieve some of the water related problems, and at the same time generate economic growth and jobs.

Solving the problem of lacking sanitation in the developing world, as well as focussing on leakages in piping-systems in the developed world are both on Gatesenses agenda.