GETDecentralized - Spring 2015 San Francisco Bay Area

Gatesense is a Core-Partner to GETD, the rapidly growing decentralization network in Europe and the US. In September 2014 GETD has successfully launched it's event format and gathered members from various parts of the decentralization movement. GETD moves topics, code and projects downfield. Participating projects gain in both technological development and mutual collaboration between individuals and partners. GETD is where things get done!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Gatesense-partner Joachim Lohkamp from JOLOCOM/GETD.



At the GETD 2014 hackathon (held in the Agora Collective in Berlin) the collaboration between Gatesense and Riot-OS gained visibility and recognition within the IoT community in Europe and the US (ARM and IBM: CoAP modules for the Node-RED framework). This was a direct outcome of fruitful discussions between the members present from Riot-OS and Gatesense who all have different backgrounds and connections to the domain of IoT. In practice, a team consisting of members from both Gatesense and Riot-OS used the hackathon to focus on  the software that runs on a number of different devices (i.e. constrained devices such as sensors etc.). In particular, the focus was directed towards network protocols tailored for the IoT such as CoAP and CBOR, connecting constrained devices with web based applications. As a result of initial discussions, the team started to implement CoAP modules for the popular application framework Node-RED with great success. Gatesense will be providing additional information about the prototyped application and its source code in the near future. So keep an eye on the Toolbox section!

GETD in the future

Within the GETD community you will find leading experts from the fields of IoT, Linked Data and the decentralized web. We want to leverage all of the knowledge contained in our network in order to create even stronger ties within our community. Through participation in the GETD network and in our events, you can make your project part of an ecosystem. In the near future we plan to intensify our collaboration within the GETD community, specially between RIOT-OS and Gatesense. The next step currently under evaluation is the design of an IoT-based infrastructure connecting a network of water pumps. This will be done by combining Gatesense's open data platform with RIOT-powered network modules located on the pumps. In addition, we have integration of the IoT Toolkitby Michael Koster and ARM devices in the pipeline. If you would like to participate in this effort, make sure to reach out to us and voice your interest. 

In the Spring of 2015 we are excited to be part of the next GETDecentralized Summit & Hackathon in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we hope to see you there!

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Joachim Lohkamp, MBA