Five TED’s to put on your watchlist!


Most people know about TED talks. In recent years, the TED-concept has grown to cover almost every aspect of modern science and technology, and attracts leading industry personas as speakers. In this blog, we present five TED-talks we find relevant to our concept, ranging from talks on statistics to open data to water.


1. Rose George – “Let’s talk crap. Seriously.”

We’re fairly sure that most people in the worlds developed countries think of access to a toilet as a natural thing. However, most of the people in developing countries does not have the relationship with toilets. In fact, 40 % of the worlds population does not have access to proper sanitation. As a result, diarrhea is now the second largest killer of children worldwide.

In this moving and informative TED Talk, Rose George highlights the problem of lacking sanitation all around the world, and shows us how we can eliminate the problem.


2. Ludwick Marishane – “A bath without water”

This uplifting TED-talk given by South African native Ludwick Marishane, we are introduced to the worlds first dry-bathing solution. Crazy as it may sound, the idea of giving people with no access to water a way to sanitize themselves by dry-bathing, they can avoid dangerous diseases such as trachoma. In addition, this solution will eliminate the time consuming job it is to fetch water from distant wells, and hereby freeing the youth up for using their time on proper education. A little ingenuity can go a long way!


3. Sonaar Luthra – “Meet the Water Canary”

Inspired by early miners use of canary birds to keep them safe when underground, Sonaar Luthra presents his Water Canary. This device allows people in disaster-hit areas to measure the cleanliness of their water. In a world where global warming is causing still more and more natural disasters, victims need a simple and safe way to measure the quality of drinking water after the occurrence of a disaster.


4. Rob Harmon – “How the market can keep streams flowing”

Not all water related challenges are solved post-occurrence. By regulating the market, Rob Harmon introduces a system that might help reduce the overuse of water, which on sight can help eliminate scarcity and shortage.

Teaser: This talk involves a lot of talk about beer!


5. Michael Pritchard – “How to make filthy water drinkable”

The LIFESAVER bottle is a brilliant innovation that can filter even the smallest viruses from polluted water. In this TED-talk, Michael Pritchard provides a explanation of the technical details of the LIFESAVER bottle and gives a demonstration of the bottle in action.