ckanext-realtime is CKAN plugin which makes your CKAN site into a Realtime Data Portal. By usingCkanRT.js library, client applications can subscribe to realtime events from Observable Datastores. The plugin was developed by the Alexandra Instutite in collaboration with Gatesense.

What’s in the project?

  1. CKAN extension which enables observable datastores
  2. Datastore listener script (bin/datastore_listener)
  3. WebSocket server (bin/ckan_wss)
  4. JavaScript library for communication with the realtime CKAN (client/CkanRT.js)


The project has been tested on Arch Linux and Ubuntu 12.04 servers. That Said, you will need:

  1. Redis Server
  2. CKAN (tested on 2.2 but it should work with earlier minor releases as well).
  3. ckanext-datastore plugin enabled

More information about the Ckanext-realtime plugin: