What is Gatesense?

At Gatesense, we want to build a more sustainable world. In order to do so, we are gathering the right people, the right tools and the right information on our platform, for everyone to use. In doing so, we strive to become the worlds leading provider of sustainable solutions to the worlds water related challenges.




Gatesense is a platform for open data, IoT-tools and innovators. First and foremost, we have a community of passionate and creative individuals who are all contributing to the creation of new tools, new insights and sustainable solutions. By allowing people to connect and communicate, we want to foster strong collaborative ties between citizens, organizations and governments.




Everyone! Whether you’re a developer, passionate about water, a government body or similar, your knowledge, data and creativity are most welcome. With Gatesense, we want to create an ecosystem that is able to provide the world with the sustainable solutions of tomorrow. We are constantly working on developing our platform with the tools and resources you need!




By continuously developing our platform we want to give our users the best possible connectivity for their devices. We want to be at the frontline of exploring how the Internet of Things and Open Data can be utilized to create a better environment for the worlds water resources. And we believe that we can do so by uniting the right people with the right ideas to the right tools here on our platform.